Signs and Symptoms

It is not just children that have difficulty describing symptoms after an accident and sometimes adults try and ignore the symptoms, so they can ‘carry on as normal.’

Watch out for any of the following signs as well as reported symptoms. These may develop hours to days after the incident.

The symptoms of a concussion can vary greatly. Some of the signs and symptoms from the table above may be present or a person may just describe themselves as feeling ‘off’ or just not ‘getting’ things. Sometimes it’s quite obvious that someone may have a concussion. But just as often the symptoms are vague and subtle.

In any case, there is no simple test for diagnosing a concussion and so getting a definitive diagnosis of a concussion typically requires looking at several factors which we will explore next.

Remember ‘IF IN DOUBT SIT THEM OUT’ and put that person out of harm’s way. A second impact on even a mildly concussed brain can have very serious consequences.

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